Expansion Tanks



What is the Expansion Tank?

Expansion Tank (also called pressure tank, pressure vessel and expansion vessel, bladder tank) is a steel tank with bladder (membrane) inside, which used to maintain the system pressure in certain limits.

 These expansion vessels are used in chilled and hot water closed systems.

 The pressure tanks (pressure vessels) are usually supplied pre-charged by air for about 3-4 bars.

 Material of Construction:

 - Body : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

- Bladder (Membrane): EPDM, BUTYL


- Vertical

- Horizontal 

Capacity: 50 Liters up to 10,000 Liters

Working Pressure:

 - 10 Bars

- 16 Bars

- 25 Bars

 Area of Usage, Fields & Industries:

 - Chiller Plants – District Cooling Plants

- Energy Transfer Stations – ETS Rooms

- Chilled water & hot water networks

- Boilers systems