Filtration System

Water Filtration System

In so many applications like chilled water systems, cooling tower systems, agriculture systems, irrigation systems and another industries, the filtration of running medium (most probably will be water) is essential to protect system from blockage, protect equipment from erosion, and to enhance the efficiency of the system. So we are supplying differrent types for industrial filters and industrial sand filters.

 Type of Industrial Filters to be used:

  • Sand Filters Sand Separators (Hydro - Cyclones)

  • Auto Flush Screen Filters

  • Auto Flush Disc Filters

  • Media Tanks for Sand - Gravel Filters (Purifier Tanks)

  1. Sand Filters Sand Separators (Hydro–Cyclones):

 Hydro cyclones are designed in simple structure to be used in the filtration of water containing sand, gravel or particles heavier than the water. Due to simple structure, it is more economic and easy to use relative to other sand separators.

This type causes minimum pressure loss in filtration systems and therefore, they operate at maximum efficiency. It is used as primary filtering element in filtration systems, are provided in single or modular forms, which ensure manual or fully automatic cleaning process.

  1. Auto Flush Screen Filters - Side Stream Filters:

 Automatic Flush Screen Filter (side stream filtration system) is the ideal solution for filtration due to its large filtration area, reliable operation mechanism and simple structure. Auto Flush works on differential pressure and cleans itself automatically without any external intervention.

 Types of Auto Flush Screen Filters:

  • Electric activated automatic screen filter: Available in Horizontal and Vertical Orientation.

  • Hydraulic controlled automatic screen filter: Available in Horizontal and Vertical Orientation.

Operation Principle:

 Automatic Flush series can do automatic cleaning without any need for external power supply or optionally with electrical activation from a distance. The filter screen can achieve filtration rates from 25 m3/h to 180 m3/h. Standard filter screen size is 130 microns and inlet/exit pipe diameters are available between 2” to 8”.

  1. Auto Flush Disc Filters:

 Automatic Plastic Disc Filter is constructed by assembling many tiny synthetic disc manufactured from polypropylene material on filter body with telescopic structure. When synthetic discs arranged one-on-other are centralized around within telescopic filter body, center of discs forms a hollow disc. They are designed to perform a deep filtration based on desired micron level found on both sides of synthetic discs and inter-sectioning of channels designed in crosswise manner. Most outstanding advantage of Automatic Plastic Disc filter is that automatically self cleans the filter when it is obstructed.

 Operation Principle:

 Automatic Plastic Disc Filter operates in two different modes including filtration process and back flushing process.

In back flushing process of automatic disc filter, internal mechanism of filter, where synthetic discs are assembled, is automatically flushed. During cleaning process, no need for assembly and disassembly cycle of filter’s internal mechanism ensures continuous operation.


  1. Media Tanks for Sand - Gravel Filters (Purifier Tanks):

Filtration rates of gravel filters designed to be used in filtration of water resources containing organic materials such as lichen and alga is over 15 m/h implicating that they are rapid filters. The outstanding advantage of the gravel filters against other types of filters is about maximum filtration efficiency due to deep filtration. Gravel filters are designed to provide ease of use, maximum filtration efficiency and less maintenance due to simple structure and thus, they are offered to the users.

 Gravel filters are manufactured to contain at least two containers. Upper container located within filter vessel is the container of media ensuring the filtration process. In the media container, various materials including but not limited to sand-gravel, quartz sand, Anthracyte coal, grinded basalt, silica sand are placed in a particular order based on the filtration degree. Lower container is the clean water tank obtained from filtering process. A rubber diffuser plate separating said two containers is present within the filter. Corks assembled on the plate ensure uniform pressure during back flushing procedure of the media filter and thus, they are designed to provide an efficient back flushing process. Gravel Filters are projected to operate single or modular and manual or fully automatic back flushing procedure based on the water flow rate to be filtered within scope of the field of use. In order to increase filtration efficiency of gravel filters, it is recommended that modular filter system is selected from a model operating automatic back flushing procedure.