Central Water Heaters



What is the Industrial Water Heater Tank & Calorifier Tank?

 The central water heater tank is a heat exchanger storage tank that used to heat up the desired liquid.

 It’s called calorifier tanks when the source of heat is another liquid generated from boilers, solar system,… etc.

And it’s called electrical water heater tanks if the source of heat is electricity (electrical resistances).

 These centralize water heater tanks can be supplied in several types:

  • Single Serpentine Type
  • Double Serpentine Type
  • Combi Type
  • Electrical Heater Type

Material of Construction:

  • Body: Carbon Steel
  • Internal Coating: Glass Lined Enameled
  • External Coating: 50mm & 80mm Foam
  • External Sheet: Electrostatic Powder Paint 

Cathodic Protection:

 Our industrial water heaters tanks supplied with cathodic protection anodes.

  • Magnesium Anode
  • Titanium Anode

 Capacities: 100 Liters and up to 5,000 Liters

 Area of Usage:

  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Sport Centers
  • Industrial Facilities and Factories